About Us

Founded in the Dhaka in 2017, adbank ads is Bangladesh's only multi-device ad tech platform delivering high impact ad units programmatically. Adbank Ads delivers 100% viewable ads with unmatched user engagement and brand recall.

Adbank ads collects data from its partner publishers and creates various audience segments like (sports enthusiast, travel junky, movie buff and many more). The ad is served both on mobile and desktop.

Adbank ads's high impact ad units keep the user engaged while they are browsing the web page without hurting the user experience or publishers content. All our innovative ad units are non-intrusive as they are served on editorial images and not on publishers content. We provide you with responsive custom creatives and ad technology to deliver high CTR across devices.

Adbank Ads's innovative offering creates a new revenue source for publishers to trade their audiences in real time directly to an advertiser, agency, partner publisher or an ad network through Adbank ads's audience data exchange.